Thanks to the choicest blessings of Arulmigu Sri Annamalayar and Abeethakujambal we are blessed and delighted to undertake this enormous task of organising  the Second International Thirumurai Festival to be held in London on the 19th, 20th and 21st September 2014. It is an idea initiated by Malaysia Hindu Sangam who have a long tradition of an annual Thirumurai gathering in Malaysia to foster and popularise the message of Thirumuraihal through Pannisai competitions amongst the youth,  and convene eminent scholars mainly from Tamil Nadu – India, as well as neighbouring countries to celebrate the singing of Thirumurai hymns and understand deeper concepts embodied in  it. This laudable effort is being extended at their suggestion to become an International celebration of  Thirumurais beyond the shores of Malaysia.

The Steering Committee consisting of 11 devotees – 2 talented young Thirumurai artists and 9 seniors – have come together under the auspices of the London Sivan Kovil Trust, Lewisham South East London to organise and conduct this Thirumurai Festival as a “first” on an International Scale. We have enrolled various Saiva temples and leading organisations of repute to be represented in the Steering Group. We have set out a Mission statement, Aims and Objectives and our Vision for the future in our website.

The following are members of the Steering Committee :

Dr S Jeyanathan – Co ordinator, Thirumurai Festival London 2014

Mr S J Fatimaharan – Co ordinator, Thirumurai Festival London 2014

Dr T Sriskandarajah – Chair Person, London Thirumurai Festival 2014

Dr S Rajasundaram Deputy Chair Person, London Thirumurai Festival 2014

Mr V Kanesamoorthy – Secretary, Steering Committee Thirumurai Festival 2014

Mr V R Ramanathan Treasurer, London Thirumurai Festival 2014

Mr S Anandathiyagar – Cultural Secretary, Thirumurai Festival London 2014

Dr K Sivakumar Secretary, Articles & Research Section, London Thirumurai Festival 2014

Dr S Maheshwaran Committee Member,  London Thirumurai Festival 2014

Mr  S Balasingam  Committee Member, London Thirumurai Festival 2014


Punn Isai Adviser:

Samy Thandapani (Resident Othuvar LSK)

Youth Members:

Mr Kumaran Sriskandarajah

Dr J Sharavanan

We welcome Temples all over UK and other interested organizations to connect with us by email (, phone 07440188122 and/or  by contacting any of the Steering committee members of your choice to help make this project a huge success. We would suggest essential areas listed below which need your support and assistance:

  1. Volunteers, particularly youngsters  to join and help in contributing either by offering to participate, writing articles either in Tamil or English, and expressing their willingness to be available on any/all of the three days of the event.
  2. We need Sponsorship for providing  Hospitality for delegates expected from all over Europe, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and other countries.
  3. We need help with sales of tickets and will be made available in temples and can be purchased by contacting Steering group members    ( details see Contact us).
  4. We welcome advertisers/ sponsorship to help with  the event.