Mission Statement

Thirumurai is considered the essence of the Vedas. It is the spontaneous Spiritual outpourings in Tamil of Divine inspiration and experiences bestowed as the Grace of Lord Siva to evolved souls. We intend to celebrate and foster the ancient Saiva tradition of singing these hymns, both in temples and at home in our daily prayers.

எழுச்சி வாசகம்….


Welcome Message

 We are blessed by Arulmigu Sri Arunachaleswarar and Abeethakujambal of the London Sivan Kovil and welcome all devotees from all over the world to participate and enjoy the forthcoming Second International Thirumurai Festival in London. The LSKT is immensely proud to host the Thirumurai Festival being held on the 19th, 20th and 21st September 2014. Read more….


Future Vision

It is the bounden duty of us as parents and teachers to influence the youth, and to initiate them into the Saiva cultural and social values by practices such as the singing of Thirumuraihal – Divine hymns – in our temples and homes. We propose that all Temples should consider securing the services of a resident Othuvar to promote Thirumuraihal during worship.


2nd World Thirumurai Festival Programme – London 2014 19th to 21st September